Myofusion® Advanced Protein is the most innovative and scientifically proven blend of protein available on the market. Myofusion® provides the body with muscle fortifying amino acids all day long thanks to mix of fast acting and time released forms of whey & casein.


Gaspari’s Proven Whey™ is pure, effective and low in calorie Whey Protein. One serving provides 25 g of pure Protein, 5.5 g BCAAs, 2.7 g of L-Leucine and low Lactose. This 100% Whey Protein Isolate is one of the best protein supplement available on the market.


Proven Whey ™ Gaspari’s Proven Whey ™ to a pure source of protein development isolate that is low in and tastes great. Myofusion is an excellent multi-fraction protein supplement that contains the hydrolyzate and development isolation of whey and casein. You can find both conditioners in the list search engine, to which you can also use the Gaspari Shaker. Take care of your muscles with proteins CONFIRMED WHEY ™ + MYOFUSION + SHAKER


Myofusion® Advanced Protein is the most innovative and scientifically tested protein blend available on the market. By combining fast-acting and long-release forms of whey protein and casein, Myofusion® provides the body with muscle-strengthening amino acids throughout the day. Choose protein in a set with a T-shirt with the DTN8 logo and a handy shaker.

Viradex XT from Gaspari Nutrition is a complex test booster containing potent testosterone-boosting components such as tribulus terrestris and fenugreek, as well as estrogen-blocking ingredients. If you want increased lean muscle mass, strength and better athletic and sexual performance then you want Viradex XT.

Get two of Gaspari Nutrition’s best products in one promotional set. T-shirt with a logo of one of the most recognized and respected sports nutrition brands will make you stand out from the crowd. MyoFusion is the most delicious protein formula containing only the highest quality ingredients. Be faithful to the bodybuilding legend Gaspari and use products signed with his logo. 

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