About us

Hello Dear,

I want you to remember that everything I do, I do for you.

After I regained control over my brand Gaspari Nutrition, I started looking for a convenient location in Central Europe to establish cooperation. That would have given me many advantages such as being closer to my clients, shortening delivery time and eliminating high delivery costs. That’s how I came across MusclePower. We set up a partnership in April 2019 when we signed the contract. Our effective cooperation gives you access to a complete range of Gaspari Nutrition’s products.

Thanks to our partnership I can visit Europe regularly to carry out marketing activities in close cooperation with MusclePower, take part in fitness trade shows and meet distributors directly. Additionally, as a brand we are able to adjust the offer to clients in Europe and respond rapidly to demands of the European market.

I believe that the actions I have taken will give you access to the highest-quality products and sport nutrition supplements, which will stay with you for a long time after you try them for the first time.


Best Regards,

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