Wrist Wraps by Gaspari Nutrition are stabilizers in the form of thick cotton bands with Velcro fasteners, which will help you strengthen wrists, which are particularly vulnerable to injuries, especially during strength training focused on lifting weights. The tapes are comfortable and easy to use, their length can be adjusted exactly to your body shape.


A promotional set from Gaspari Nutrition, which includes Proven Whey protein supplement, Anavite multivitamins for athletes and a high-quality, pleasant to the touch sports sweatshirt. Take care of your health, regeneration and styling!


Gaspari set with DTN8 fat burner, liquid L-carnitine and TankTop, perfect for the gym and everyday use. Get the silhouette of your dreams and emphasize it with a great T-shirt!


A set from Gaspari with the SizeOn Max Performance gainer, the SuperPump Aggression pre-workout and a light sweatshirt with a Get Swole inscription. Comprehensive support on your way to maximum gains.

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